We're looking for great BIKE & VAN drivers. 
If this you? then, welcome to the team.
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We are currently recruiting VAN and BIKE drivers for our depot based in London area. Various shifts including early starts. Preferably looking for drivers with mulit drop experience and must have good communications levels

You'll be part of our product team and work closely with team leaders and logistics managers.
What's your FULL name? *

Let us know if you have a middle name as well.
Nice to meet you {{answer_OjVc}}! What is your date of birth? *

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Do you have a UK phone number? *

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Are you eligible to work in the UK? *

*You'll be required to bring the original documents for your interview.
What is your thing? *

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{{answer_OjVc}}, what's your experience as courier? *

Please give us an indicative of your driving or biking experience.
{{answer_OjVc}}, what type of Driving License do you have? *

It can be a Full UK cars, CBT, European driving license (no longer than 1 year), please tell us.
Finally, when are available to work? *

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